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NullLogic Groupware - GitHub

      NullLogic Groupware is a Web-based groupware package designed for contact management and event scheduling, which seeks to actively promote communication between its users via private messaging and public discussion forums. It also includes a simple order processing system. PostgreSQL, MySQL and ODBC are supported, and Linux and Windows versions are available.

NSP - Nesla Script Processor - GitHub

      NSP code looks a lot like php (the same basic c operators, syntax and flow control) but with a lot less dollar signs. Internally, NSP has a very clean API that makes it easy for c programs to make full use of its functions and data.

Null Webmail

      Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful webmail CGI written in C. Null Webmail is platform-independent and offers language support for English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Finnish, Galician, Italian, Netherland and Polish.

Null httpd

      Null httpd is a very small, simple and multithreaded web server for Linux and Windows.

Unity Games

      Here are some game prototypes made in Unity.