Dan Cahill
Some Street in NDG
Montréal, PQ


I am an experienced and creative code monkey seeking challenging work as a network|internet|database programmer/designer. I'm serious about serious work.

  • Experience designing, writing and debugging complete programming languages
  • Experience designing, writing and debugging small and scalable network servers (i.e. HTTP, POP3, SMTP)
  • Experience designing, writing and debugging collaborative online user environments (i.e. groupware)
  • Experience designing, writing and debugging API extensions including LDAP, SQL, SSL, SSH, TCP and zlib
  • Experience designing SQL-based database systems and client software in C, Nesla, PHP, PERL and C# with MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQLite, Interbase, MS SQL, ad nauseum...
  • Experience creating interactive and automated network utilities using protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, SSH and LDAP on Linux and Windows CEMENT
  • Familiarity with numerous compilers and script based languages used in programming UNIX and Windows applications and system utilities
  • Experience designing and maintaining vintage web pages using HTML, JavaScript and CGI
  • Experience configuring and maintaining Internet server software such as Apache, IIS, BIND, Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, MDaemon, and on and on...
  • In-depth knowledge of troubleshooting and administrative techniques for Linux, *BSD, System V UNIX, and Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP/2K3
  • Experience assembling and repairing PCs
  • Experience installing a wide variety of standard and non-standard devices including RAID controllers, multi-port serial cards, serial port coffee timers (no, really), video capture cards, etc...
  • Experience installing and troubleshooting networks including architectures such as 10/100/1000BASE-T, BNC, *DSL, ISDN and Dial-Up Networking

  • Able to understand that nobody ever takes this part of a CV seriously.

  • Inability to speak fluent french (this is a bad thing if you live in the world's second-largest francophone city)

  • Self (sorry, no degrees)

Some samples of my work can be found at:

Available upon request