NullLogic Groupware  

      NullLogic Groupware is a multi-user web-based groupware package designed for contact management and event scheduling, which includes additional features such as instant messaging, public forums, shared hyperlinks, file system, a web e-mail client, and a simple order processing system.

      The main goal of NullLogic Groupware is to make your data accessible to you from anywhere at any time without the need for special software to be installed on the client computer. All you need is a web browser.

      NullLogic Groupware is Free Software. You can use, copy, modify and redistribute it under the terms of the GNU GPL.

 NullLogic Groupware Releases
The latest stable version of NullLogic Groupware is: 1.2.7 May 11, 2004 S L W Changelog
The latest development version of NullLogic Groupware is: 1.3.29 February 22, 2005 S     Changelog
S = Source, L = Linux Binary Release, W = Windows Binary Release

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