NullLogic Embedded Scripting Language  

Nesla: the scripting language for C programmers.

      Nesla is the complete object-based scripting language written in just a few thousand lines of ANSI C. It's portable, thread-safe, flexible, embeddable, expandable and easy to understand (as a language and as an API). Nesla scripts can and often do look very much like JavaScript, but Nesla is Not an ECMA Scripting Language.

      Nesla was originally written as a configuration file parser and lightweight object model. Low maintenance memory management, hierarchical data storage, a complete c-syntax script parser, and a core package size of less than 5K lines of code are just nice bonuses.

      API extensions currently offer support for several other software packages, including:

      Note: Please don't ask them for support for Nesla-specific issues. If there is a bug, it's probably not theirs, and they probably can't help you resolve it.

      Is Nesla close but not quite right for your needs? Check out LUA and Guile.

Sample Scripts

      Want to see what working Nesla scripts look like? Well, here is a working web server. Here is a script to sync a pop3 mail account, and here is the class it uses. Samples ranging from poker and blackjack to a chat bot can be found here.


      A summary of changes can be found here.


      Some basic documentation is here.


      Nesla is free to use and distribute subject to the terms of the GNU GPL.

Nesla 0.9.3
Previous Releases


      If you find a bug, some weird behaviour, or just come up with a cool test script, show me. I want scripts I can use to see the bug in action now, and test for possible recurrences later.